Towing Electrics Ltd takes relay production to the next level

Towing Electrics Limited is the state of the Art Towing Relay and Caravan Relay Manufacturer and Distributor.

We are a 21st Century company with 21st Century ideas, products and manufacturing methods.

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge to bring you innovative products
Within our group we have around 20 years experience in manufacturing towing relays and wiring harnesses. With this wealth of expertise, this new generation of towing relays has been developed to complement and improve on existing designs, looking at every detail with regard to its performance, properties and ease of manufacture.
Surface Mount Production revolutionising the industry
The major innovation that sets us apart from other manufacturers is the conversion to surface mount production and with it, almost total automation. Surface mount production is the technique used in all major consumer and automotive electronics, and is a natural progression for all electronics products. Towing Electrics Ltd is the only company within the sector to go into wholesale surface mount assembly, investing heavily in specialist plant and equipment at its UK production facility.
Principal benefits of Surface Mount and Automated production
Miniaturisation: Smaller components and the utilisation of both sides of the PCB lead to a smaller footprint.

Quality: The advantages of component verification coupled with automatic soldering virtually eliminate errors.

Flexibility: More space is available for additional features.

Price: Automated production leads to a reduction in unit cost.

Range, quality and price provide for all your relay needs
A full range of towing relays is available, and new products are being added regularly. All the relays carry the e-mark approval for electromagnetic compatibility, and all are made at our manufacturing unit in the UK.

At Towing Electrics Ltd, with all the advantages that we have over other manufacturers, we can offer the best combination of :-
  • Performance

  • Quality

  • Delivery

  • Price

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